Protect Your Home from Winter Floods

During the 2015/16 winter, almost 17,000 homes and businesses flooded, and December 2015 was the wettest month in England on record, according to the Met Office. The average cost of a domestic flood is £50,000, further illustrating the importance of preparing your home for the threat of winter floods.

To avoid falling victim to devastating floods and being slapped with a huge clean-up bill, follow these five tips for protecting your home:

  1. Create a personal flood plan.
  2. Check the roof for loose or cracked tiles.
  3. Check drain pipes and gutters to ensure that they are free of debris.
  4. Make sure that your damp proofing is not bridged with soil or debris, which could make it ineffective.
  5. Ensure that your pipes are properly insulated since cold weather could cause them to freeze and burst.

Whilst flood-proofing your home, take a look at the rest of your house to make sure that it is ready for winter.

  • If you have a chimney, have it inspected and cleaned in order to prevent chimney fires.
  • Get your boiler checked by a qualified engineer, and consider taking out boiler cover if you don’t already have it.

Whilst flood-proofing and winterising your home can prevent extensive damage, Saffron Insurance Services can ensure that your home is adequately covered for unavoidable winter-related damage.

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