7 Ways to Boost Productivity in 2017

With 2017 underway, your organisation may be considering ways to boost productivity. Whether you already have a list of planned objectives or if you are still thinking of your goals, here are seven beneficial practices that you may want to implement:

  1. Prioritise ethics and transparency across your entire organisation. Examine your business practices and supply chain to identify any unethical or environmentally harmful practices. Remedy any you find and adopt a position of transparency to avoid penalties and ensure that you have the support of your stakeholders and the public.
  2. Collaborate with your suppliers. Foster a rapport with your suppliers to bolster communication, stability, flexibility and to potentially receive a better rate.
  3. Invest in information management. With a robust information management system, your organisation can identify and improve areas of your business that are disorganised and inefficient.
  4. Transition away from pencil and paper. Whilst it may be a time-consuming process, transferring your files to digital will allow your company to become more efficient and reduce the number of errors.
  5. Reorganise your supply chains to make them more agile. Regularly review your supply chain to ensure that it is as efficient as possible.
  6. Provide ongoing training for employees. Your employees should never stop learning. Help them stay productive by providing regular training on new methods and tools.
  7. Conduct regular efficiency inspections. Take a thorough inspection of each department and manufacturing process to identify whether it could be streamlined.

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