Tricks to Make Your Flight Fly By

Whether you are travelling for pleasure or for work, long flights can sometimes be tedious and dull. However, there are some simple tricks that you can implement to make them more enjoyable.

  • Check in online: By checking in the morning of your flight or on your way to the airport, you are not only able to get to your gate sooner, but you are guaranteed not to be bumped to a later flight.
  • Pack an extra battery and a universal adapter: While you should fully charge all your electronic gadgets, packing an extra battery will ensure that they remain powered the entire flight. In addition, if you have access to an outlet on your plane, bring a universal adapter to alleviate concerns about your gadgets running out of power.
  • Avoid the pressure: Chew gum to help keep the pressure from building up in your ears. Alternatively, try yawning or swallowing repeatedly.
  • Watch what you drink: The high altitude may increase your susceptibility to dehydration. So, if you do choose to drink alcohol or a carbonated beverage, balance it out by drinking water.
  • Pack an empty water bottle: After making your way through security, fill up an empty water bottle so you can stay hydrated throughout your flight.
  • Take a walk: Even if you do not need to use the toilet, stretch your muscles by taking a walk around the plane.

By following these six tricks, your next flight should be more enjoyable and less of a bore.

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