4 Tips to Lower Motor Costs

Owning a vehicle requires constant and potentially costly maintenance—keeping the tank filled with petrol, paying a monthly insurance premium and getting an MOT. That is why, as a motorist, you should consider these four pieces of advice to keep your costs as low as possible:

Conduct thorough research before making a purchase: If you are considering purchasing a new vehicle, be sure to consider its safety, reliability and fuel economy. These factors can influence the day-to-day expenses of the vehicle.

  1. Evaluate your trips: Before you get behind the wheel, contemplate whether or not you could complete the same errand on foot or by public transport.
  2. Consider the cost of petrol: Petrol prices can fluctuate several times over the course of a single day. So be sensible and fill up before your tank is almost empty. You can also compare petrol costs within a 10-kilometre radius at www.petrolprices.com.
  3. Drive smart: Perform regular maintenance—such as checking the tyre pressure and getting an oil change—and drive defensively to potentially extend the life of your vehicle and lower your insurance premium.

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