No Smoking in Vehicles with Children

On 1st October, a new law went into force that makes it illegal to smoke in the cab of a car (or other vehicle) with anyone under the age of 18. The law applies to every driver in both England and Wales—even drivers who are 17 years old and those with provisional licences. If pulled over, both the driver and the smoker(s) could be fined £50.

The law applies to the following:

  • Any private vehicle that is wholly or partially enclosed by a roof.
  • When people (passengers or the driver) have the windows or sunroof open, or the air conditioning on.
  • When someone smokes in the open doorway of a vehicle.

The law does not apply to the following:

  • If the person is smoking an e-cigarette (vaping).
  • If the driver is 17 years old and smoking alone in the vehicle.
  • If the vehicle is a convertible with the roof completely down.

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