Pokémon Go Is Distracting UK Drivers

Since its introduction in July, police have noticed motorists playing Pokémon Go while driving, despite it being illegal and highly dangerous. Motorists face a £100 fine and three points on their licence for using a hand-held phone while driving—a behaviour that has been compared to drink driving.

The popular game involves players using their mobile phones to capture and train creatures known as ‘Pokémon’. A Voucher Codes Pro poll found that 35 per cent of respondents admitted to playing the game whilst driving.

Two specific distracted driving incidents stemming from Pokémon Go happened within a day of each other in Essex. One involved a man playing the game while driving along West Thurrock Way in Grays. The second incident involved a teenage girl stopped in Basildon because she was driving at slow speeds with no lights on. The driver and three other passengers said they had been looking for Pokéstops—places where players can stock up on essential game items.

Playing the game while walking isn’t much safer—12 per cent of players keep their eyes on their phones while crossing the road despite the risk of being hit by a car. While the danger is obvious, road safety experts are concerned about the game adding to the growing list of driver distractions. To stay safe, don’t play Pokémon Go, or use your mobile phone at all, whilst driving.

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