Selling your products online abroad

Only 56 per cent of Britain’s online small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) sell to customers abroad—despite a growing demand for British-made goods, according to a recent survey conducted by market researching firm Ipsos MORI. The survey questioned more than 1,200 SMEs in major online retail markets across the globe. In examining the data, the survey found that countries such as France and Spain had capitalised on international sales in the online marketplace more often than those in the UK.

The survey identified two primary reasons why online British merchants were not taking full advantage of potential international customers:

  • High international shipping costs
  • Concerns about foreign customs and duties

Yet, despite these reservations, the United Kingdom is the world’s third most popular destination for international online shoppers according to the 2015 Ipsos MORI research. To take advantage of the booming market for British goods, and to make your business’ online store more accessible to international buyers, consider making these five changes:

  1. Offer customers the option of paying with multiple types of currency.
  2. Provide customers with the ability to change the language on your website.
  3. Keep your shipping costs low.
  4. Build and maintain an online presence on several different social media platforms, such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.
  5. Invest in search engine optimisation, to ensure potential international customers can find your online store quickly and easily.

By implementing the above guidance, your business will be able to remain competitive within the online marketplace.

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