Tips for Saving Energy This Winter

January’s cold snap seemed to creep up on most of the country after our warm December kept thermostats low. To keep yourself comfortable as temperatures plunge without breaking the bank this winter, follow these eight energy-saving tips:

  1. Set your thermostat to about 18 degrees Celsius (but not below 13 degrees) to ensure that your home’s pipes do not freeze.
  2. Use your heating timer to schedule when and at what temperature your heat will turn on.
  3. Keep the space around your radiators clear to allow for the maximum amount of heat to circulate around the room.
  4. Place a reflective panel behind your radiator to reflect heat back into the room.
  5. Install thermal or heavy curtains on all your windows, and close them at dusk to keep heat from escaping.
  6. Install draught excluders at the base of any external doors or doors to the basement to ensure that heat does not escape.

By following the guidance outlined above, you may be able to save money and stay energy-efficient this winter.

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