Mitigate Your Risk of Theft This Winter

By Tim Murphy on

The long winter nights provide burglars with the ideal cover to break into sheds and garages. In fact, nearly one-fifth of all theft claims are submitted during January and February—making winter a burglar’s favourite time of year. The most common items stolen from buildings during these night-time break-ins are bicycles, mobile phones and power tools. To protect your home and valuables from burglars this winter, rely on the following seven pieces of guidance:

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Home Maintenance - A Simple Investment

By Lauren Margetts-Bullock on

While it may seem like a costly indulgence, property experts recommend that homeowners should be spending 1 per cent of their home’s value on improvements annually. According to the Land Registry, the average price of a house in the United Kingdom is about £180,000, meaning you should be spending about £1,800 per year on home maintenance.

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