Cyber Crime Officially Becomes UK's Most Common Criminal Offence

By Richard Brown on

Cyber crime—which includes the theft of personal information, online harassment and bullying, and disruption of trade—was recognised as the United Kingdom’s most common criminal offence by the ONS. It can cost businesses, on average, up to £1.46 million. The best way to protect your business from cyber crime is to purchase cyber insurance.

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Beware of a New 'Crash for Cash' Scam

By James Halls on

Motorists are being targeted by a more aggressive version of the ‘crash for cash’ scam. In the past, criminals would stage collisions with unsuspecting motorists in order to file fraudulent insurance claims. If a criminal was able to avoid the insurer’s fraud detection systems, he or she stood to earn a sizeable payment. Recently, criminals have begun trying a more direct approach.

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